Welcome to CostTeam!

CostTeam is the easiest way to track your subscriptions. We partner with financial data provider Plaid, a subsidiary of VISA, to securely retrieve your financial statements.



Open Plaid

Click the button below to start the connection process between Plaid and your bank or credit card provider.


Connect your account

Plaid will request the password to your bank account. Please note that Plaid does NOT share your password with us, only the transaction details that we need to prepare your report.


Your report is on the way!

We will analyze your transaction details and prepare a thorough report. It only takes a few minutes!

Given the sensitive nature of the data we analyze, we permanently delete all your statements, transactions and any other financial data after we're done with the analysis.

We also wanted to remind you that this is a free service provided by ShuttleCloud Corp. We hope CostTeam will help you save money in these uncertain times!



We are analyzing your financial statements and will deliver your report via email as soon as possible.